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  National Rebuilding Day

 Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rebuilding Together Hartford's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that this year's National Rebuilding Day will be unlike any other!  This year we will concentrate our efforts in one neighborhood (Clay-Arsenal), on five specific streets (Battles, Bellevue, Loomis, Sanford and Warren), and work on the homes of 24 Low-income Homeowners.

 This is our chance to not only improve the lives and homes of low-income Hartford homeowners, but also to truly improve a neighborhood!

Thank you for your interest and to those who have registered. All registered volunteers, who submitted a vailed email address, will receive an email with detailed information on Thursday, April 23rd.

Registration is now CLOSED!


Please note....This Year Registration & Kick-off will take place at the Willie Weir Community Center located at 697 Windsor Street, Hartford.

 To view pictures of our past projects visit us on Shutterfly.